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Around 1000 Protested Against Climate Change in Johannesburg

South African environmentalists converged in Johannesburg on Saturday to demonstrate against climate change.

The environmentalists had traveled from all the country’s provinces, with some from Bolivia, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

They did this as part of the global anti-climate crisis protests called Break Free, which calls for countries to change to 100 percent renewable energy and dump fossil fuels like coal.

The marchers had intended to march to the Gupta family house in Saxonwold, but they were stopped by the interdict sought by the latter.

The South Gauteng High Court on Friday dismissed an application by Break Free South Africa to protest at the Gupta’s Saxonwold compound.

While other marchers remained at the Johannesburg Zoo, the other 15 went to the Gupta House at Saxonwold and dumped a coffin with coal to show their displeasure.

Meraj Chhaya

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