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Irrigating Land Proving Helpful for Farmers

Piston Moono is a small scale-farmer of Hufwa village in Monze district who has two wives and 13 children and looks after eight dependants.

Having water on his farm for growing vegetables and tending his dairy animals all the year round has been his dream, which has been difficult to achieve due to lack of adequate finances to buy the required machinery on his farm.

Mr Moono was delighted to see the reduction in prices of water pumps and generator sets at CAMCO Equipment Company Limited. He said the 15 percent reduction in the price of farming equipment enabled him to buy a generator set and a water pump from his savings to increase production of vegetables and milk.

“I saved money for four years and the 15 percent reduction in the price of equipment at CAMCO made me afford to buy a genset and a water pump. This was good because the equipment made it possible for me to increase the amount of vegetables and milk that I produced on my farm,” Mr Moono shared.

He also diversified his activities on the farm to poultry in an effort to maximise the benefits of the power and water resources that were made available on his smallholdings.

Winston Tembo, another farmer in Macha area of Choma district, says it is a must for farmers to install a genset and irrigation equipment on their farmyards because the unfavourable changing rainfall pattern makes crops distressed and stunted.

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