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Zambia To Launch $1.2bn Solar Plant on Saturday

Climate change is reshaping the world and human civilisation as regions and communities come to terms with its effects in one way or the other.

The adverse effects of climatic conditions to which Zambia and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa are exposed visibly affect the country and its ability to exploit the country’s natural resources for the well-being of citizens.

The current loadshedding of electricity due to lower-than-expected rains is clearly a result of climate-induced changes to physical and biological systems that are already being felt and exerting considerable stress on the country’s vulnerable sectors.

Therefore, Saturday’s launch of US$1.2 billion power plant works by President Lungu is a direct response to the challenges emerging from climate change, which has seen reduced water levels in the Kariba Dam and, consequently, less power generation.

UN Women

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