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Germany Supports Trillion-Tree Campaign

Germany's development ministry has announced its support for a massive world-wide tree-planting campaign spearheaded by Plant-for-the-Planet, an NGO launched in 2007 by a then nine-year-old boy.

Monday, April 25 was Arbor Day, the Day of the Tree, in Germany. It's an annual celebration of the role of trees in the country's ecosystems and economy. As part of Arbor Day, the German development minister, Gerd Müller, announced in Munich his ministry's support for an ambitious goal promoted by a German non-government organization (NGO) called Plant-for-the-Planet.

"No forest, no life, no oxygen to breathe," Minister Müller said. "Germany's development ministry puts the conservation of forests and of climate stability high up on its policy agenda. Plant-for-the-Planet's engagement is remarkable, and so we're going to expand our collaboration with the group."

Müller said that it was necessary for many more people in the world to grab a spade and "plant the future."


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