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Climate Change Slowly Stifling Life On Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is a home to Africa's highest mountain and from time immemorial, it had been experiencing a wonderful cool weather patterns, thanks to nature and environmental conservation efforts.

However, a few decades ago witnessed gradual changes, with ice caps at the Mount Kilimanjaro starting to decrease due to environmental degradation and the recent climate change effects.

Kilimanjaro that used to be one of the greenest and coldest regions (specifically Moshi Rural District) started to experience unusual heat.

Recently, it registered the hottest day in the country, with the region clicking almost 36 degrees Celsius during the Equinox.

Mr Clemence Kway is one of the elders in Kibosho, Moshi Rural District who is disturbed by the climatic changes, saying he has never experienced such heat in history.

"What I think the right thing to say is that we are now living in hell, in the good old days, we would be sure when it was going to rain, get prepared in everything such as food stock as well as for field preparations.

Nowadays it is hot almost throughout the year, save for about two months," says Mr Kway who is in his late 70s.

Thomas Becker

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