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Former Nigerian President Calls for Effective Water Management

Former Nigeria President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said that water management in agriculture has become imperative in addressing the issue of climate change.

Speaking yesterday with Journalists in Accra, Ghana, at the on going 12th CAADP Partnership Platform meeting, Obasanjo said we have to think outside the box in our farming system. The Meeting is organised under the theme “Innovative Financing and Renewed Partnerships to accelerate CAADP Implementation. He said growing pressure from competing demands for water, along with environmental imperatives, mean that agriculture must obtain “more crops from fewer drops”.

But, he added that with the implementation of the measures agreed at the Conference of Practice (COP21) in Paris , France last year that Africa does not need to worry for too long. Speaking later at the opening of the conference proper, the former President said African leaders and the private sectors are now embracing the potential of Agriculture to deliver a more secured and prosperous future.

Friends of Europe/David Plas

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