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Nigerian Performance Artist, Jelili Atiku, Wins Award for Work in Human Rights, Climate Issues

Jelili Atiku, a Nigerian multimedia artist whose performances are concerned with issues of human rights and justice, was today honored by the Netherlands with the 2015 Prince Claus award. The award, which acknowledged Mr. Atiku’s outstanding work and the creation of a new artistic language, was bestowed on the artist at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lagos.

The artist, who was recently detained by the police after a traditional ruler complained about his performance, received the prestigious award for combining Yoruba traditional art forms with international performance practice. The award paid tribute to his thought-provoking performances that challenge assumptions and stimulate dialogue in an unconventional and dynamic form of community education. He was also cited as an artist who takes personal and artistic risks in order to open new possibilities and reach wider audiences, and as a pioneer dedicated to establishing space for contemporary performance art in Nigeria.

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