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Global Warming to be Far Worse than Predicted

Climate change could be far, far worse than had previously been predicted, according to a new study.

New research explored the make-up of clouds, and found that they contained far more liquid water than ice, scientists write in a new study in Science. The ice that clouds contain helps to reflect radiation from the sun back into space — and so the more water that they contain, the more of that radiation will be able to make its way to Earth.

The study also found that fewer clouds are going to change into that state in the future. That will also mean that the planet could warm more and more quickly than had previously been predicted.

Scientists now hope to do more work to understand the exact make-up of clouds, and how it will change our models of the planet’s warming. It still remains unclear how exactly clouds will change as the climate warms, which is difficult to understand because of the fluctuations in how clouds form and are distributed.

Dennis Amith

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