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South Africa: Farmers Warned About Drought Relief Scam

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has warned drought affected farmers about a scam, where farmers are being promised a grant of R270 000 from the department.

According to the department, the scammer allegedly tells farmers to pay him R20 000 in return for getting a cash grant for drought relief from the department.

"The department would like to bring to the attention of the drought affected farmers that are assisted through the provincial Departments of Agriculture that assistance is done through appointing a service provider by the province to distribute animal feed.

"It is the responsibility of the farmers to collect the assistance relief goods, such as animal feed from the various depots at local agricultural offices," said department spokesperson Steve Galane.

In terms of own contribution, Galane said farmers are allowed to group themselves and procure diesel/petrol to collect the animal feed from the various depots. However, no payment is made to any individual.

"Farmers are warned to stay alert and never pay money to any individual promising them assistance. The department would never make farmers pay for drought relief grants," the department said.

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