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Morocco's Solar Energy Initiative - A Big Dream Beyond the Sahara

The potentials of solar energy have never been veiled, even though the technology behind harnessing it on a larger scale has been esoteric until recent years. In 1986, Dr Gerhard Knies, a German physicist and renewable energy expert, in his research on the potentials of solar energy found that the energy sourced from world deserts in a few hours is enough to meet global electricity needs for a whole year.

In this current climate of volatile energy prices and enhanced efforts in the fight against global warming, amplified focus and sound investment in sustainable solar energy initiatives in modern times has not come as a surprise. Many countries, regardless of where they lie in the fossil fuel abundance hierarchy, now regard renewable energy as a viable source of energy diversification and security of supply.

Solar, one of the leading renewable energy sources is now being seriously considered as one of the key non-fossil energy sources to drive a future of near zero carbon emission and environmental sustainability. According to the Information Energy Agency (IEA), by 2050, solar energy is expected to become the dominant energy source globally.

Rick Willoughby

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