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Companies Fighting Climate Change Are Missing One Of The Biggest Culprits: Their Supply Chains

Take apart a Dell Inc. computer and you’ll find the work of dozens of companies. Memory chips, microprocessors and screens are made and assembled in China and India, shipped via truck and tanker and sold in stores, and eventually land in cubicles and homes worldwide. Each step in the supply chain carries its own load of greenhouse gas emissions, which together boost the Texas technology giant’s total carbon footprint.

To trim those emissions, Dell is working with more than 100 of its top manufacturing suppliers to cut fuel and electricity use, adopt renewable energy and track carbon output. The company says the effort is part of Dell’s broader mandate to slash inefficiencies in its supply chain and curb unnecessary costs.

“We encourage them to look at energy savings as a business advantage, and not just a nice thing to do to please an environmentally conscious customer,” Bruno Sarda, Dell’s director of corporate responsibility, said.

Nick Saltmarsh


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