Cape Verde: Country Wins SEFA Grant to Develop Revolutionary Wave-Powered Desalination System

Cape Verde was awarded a US $930,000 grant by the African Development Bank-hosted Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) on December 21, 2015 to develop the world's first wave-driven desalination system. Wave2O™, to be located in Praia Grande, Cape Verde, will operate completely "off-grid" and supply more than 48,000 people with clean fresh water at a competitive cost. The system is expected to have a capacity of 4,000 m3/day of water and will eliminate 5,400 metric tons of CO2 per year.

Resolute Marine Energy (RME) Cape Verde, a subsidiary of the US-based RME and the company which will develop the project, considers Cape Verde's abundant near-shore wave resources to be particularly well-suited for development of this new technology. RME Co-Founder and COO Olivier Ceberio said, "We have had tremendous cooperation from many people and institutions in Cape Verde and we greatly appreciate their help in securing this ground-breaking SEFA grant, the very first focused on utilizing wave energy for seawater desalination."

Jon Wiley


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