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The Biggest Moments in Youth Activism at the UN Climate Negotiations

The biggest moments in youth activism at the United Nations climate negotiations (COP21) were focused on limiting global temperature rise, supporting the efforts of the most vulnerable populations, and bringing domestic issues to the international arena. Youth led actions highlighted the necessity of leadership at the national and sub-national level - because without action at home, the Paris agreement won't save us.

On the first day of the negotiations the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a partnership of the countries most vulnerable to a warming planet, adopted the Manila-Paris Declaration. The Declaration represents the most unified call from UN member states for 100% renewable energy by 2050 to keep warming below 1.5℃ - a lower target than the 2℃ agreed upon in Copenhagen in 2009. Unfortunately the announcement was overshadowed by speeches from Presidents Obama and Hollande, so youth leaders from around the world came together with an action to draw attention to the coalition's goal on two days later.


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