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ACCF grants $1.35 million to climate finance in Cape Verde, Kenya and Swaziland

The African continent is already experiencing the adverse impacts of climate change. In spite of this reality, it continues to receive a disproportionately small share of climate finance compared to other continents. In order to mobilize finance on the scale needed, ministries, national agencies, local NGOs, and research institutions require additional support to effectively attract, access and utilize climate finance essential to promoting a more climate-smart future for the continent. The ACCF was created by the African Development Bank in 2014 with a contribution of EUR 4.725 million from Germany to assist in meeting this need.

ACCF Coordinator, Louise Helen Brown, stated that, “An overwhelming response to the ACCF's first call for proposals last year confirmed the need for additional support in assisting African governments, NGOs, and research institutions to access and scale-up climate financing to the continent. The approval of this funding for Cape Verde,Kenya and Swaziland will help relevant agencies position themselves strategically to access the necessary finance to reduce climate vulnerability and prioritize low-carbon development projects necessary to advance national development goals.”

Photo Credit: UK Department for International Development

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