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On the Path of Climate Progress

The world has encountered few threats as severe as climate change, and it will take a concerted global effort to change our current dangerous course. But the 2015 Paris Agreement has put the world on a new path. While there have setbacks, the last three years have seen significant progress on climate action—and not just at the national level, but on the ground, where thousands of organizations, businesses and communities are carrying the world forward on this path.

As we approach the Global Climate Action Summit, we’re seeing even more leadership from these sub-national actors who realize climate action can actually be an opportunity for investment and growth. States and regions are taking the lead on clean energy, cities are finding innovative ways to adapt to rising seas, and businesses are realizing big opportunities by investing in nature itself to reduce emissions.

There’s no doubt we’re at a critical moment for the future of our planet. But we’re given hope by the leaders at every level and in every sector who are helping their communities adapt to the changing climate even as they work to mitigate further temperature increases. Below, we share eight remarkable stories of the global progress on tackling climate change.

CAFOD Photo Library

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