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LETTERS: It’s time to scale up use of renewable energy

Many times as human things we learn there is a problem and that we need to act, the hard way. It should not be that way as having intellect allows us to not only have hindsight but foresight on how to make our lives better and safeguard against risks many which can be prevented, mitigated or stopped.

One issue that has attracted a lot of controversy, denials, sabotage, dirty tactics and systematic cover up has been in climate change. The reality is weather patterns and effects are not exactly what have been there in the past. Weather vagaries have happened for centuries but the frequency and destructive effects nowadays have some discernible patterns that do indicate that all is not well.

One can also scientifically determine the causative elements as we do have access to vast knowledge and networks thanks to great strides in science, technology and organisational discipline that provide the requisite infrastructure for fast and verifiable information at times in real time.

Climate change is real much as there are powerful denials. If unchecked, unmitigated or no resilience is built among communities the consequences can be very disastrous to the future. Renewable energy is at the heart of climate change mitigation and building of the resilience strategies.

Kate Ausburn

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