US Photographer Sets Out to Document Climate Change's Losses

American photographer Justin Benttinen quit his job at a rare book auction house to dedicate himself to work on a project he hopes will show that one person can try and make a difference in a sea of billions of people. He began his work at the foot of the foot of the Lyell glacier in Yosemite National Park last year and arrived in Iceland on October, his first stop, travelling around the globe.

“I am starting work on a project to document things that are disappearing from climate change and human activity,” he explains and adds, “The aim is to create books of the photos designed to last a thousand years so that people of the future can know what we were like even if industrial civilization has a setback for 50 or a 100 years and all of our digital files are lost.”

Benttinen’s project is called Goodbye My Holocene Dream, and he has launched a basic website outlining it at

Diana Robinson