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Nestlé suspends palm oil sourcing from Guatemalan company tied to corruption and ecocide

Following last week’s news that Guatemalan palm oil company REPSA had been charged in a high profile case of corruption, and pressure from Friends of the Earth and allies, Nestlé has quietly announced that it will phase out its purchasing of palm oil from REPSA.

Since 2015, REPSA has been linked to a massive spill of palm oil effluent into Guatemala’s Pasion River and to the killing of indigenous community leader Rigoberto Lima Choc. Earlier this year, news broke that several REPSA executives were subject to arrest orders in a high-profile tax fraud investigation in Guatemala. Following the corruption scandal and the public scrutiny it engendered, Nestlé became the latest company to take definitive action to cut ties to REPSA. Nestlé’s decision follows other companies’, including Cargill and Wilmar International, who severed ties with REPSA late last year after a two-year campaign by Friends of the Earth and allies in the U.S. and Guatemala.

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