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Africa urged to embrace technology, renewable energy to mitigate climate change

Experts on Thursday called on African governments to innovate with advanced and cheap forms of technology and renewable energy to mitigate effects of climate change.

UN Development Program (UNDP) environment specialist Biplove Chaudhary told delegates attending a climate change and food insecurity conference in the South Sudanese capital Juba that governments need to embrace smart agriculture and proper natural resource management to mitigate negative effects of climate change.

"African food production systems are most vulnerable due to climate change. Africa does not contribute much to climate change adaptation yet it's very vulnerable," he said.

Chaudhary added that maize output may be reduced by 22 percent across sub-Saharan Africa amid the prevailing food insecurity, and instead called for change in cropping types with cereals being replaced by non-cereals.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr.

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