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Population of Cabo Verde has almost universal access to electricity

The majority of Cabo Verde’s (Cape Verde’s) population, specifically 90.1%, had access to electricity in 2016, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) published recently in Praia, the capital city.Electricity produced in Cabo Verde is made with fossil fuels (80%) and renewable energy (20%).

The 20% renewable energy is made up of 19% wind energy and 1.0% solar energy.

INE also reported that 64% of the population of the archipelago has access to the public water supply network and that 13.2% are supplied by water fountains, according to the African news agency Panapress.

Only 24.5% of the Cape Verdean population has access to the sewage system, with 55.3% of residents in the country connected to a septic tank, with the remainder throwing dirty water into the streets.


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