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Income failure, demonetisation, climate change—why Indian farmers are in despair

The plight of farmers in India took the spotlight when farmers from the drought-affected districts of Tamil Nadu, one of India’s most developed states, sat in shoddy tents and ate food off the road. With a genuine plea for drought-relief funds, pensions for elderly farmers, a waiver on the repayment of crop and farm loans, better prices for their crops, and the interlinking of rivers to irrigate their lands, the country’s farmers have a sad tale to tell.

According to a report by IANS, shortage of cash because of demonetisation, income fall, and climate degradation has led the backbone of the Indian economy to this stage. These are the three factors agitating Indians who depend on farming for their livelihood—90 million families, or 54.6 percent of country’s 1.2 billion people.

Neil Palmer/CIAT

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