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Washington, D.C. Conference on Climate Change and Land Conservation

Assistant Professor of Economics Sahan T. M. Dissanayake was the lead organizer for the 2017 NAREA workshop “Climate Change and Land Conservation and Restoration: Advances in Economics Methods and Policies for Adaptation and Mitigation” held in Washington, D.C., June 13-14 2017. The workshop focused on (1) the impact of climate change on ecosystem services generated from domestic (federal, state, and private) and international land conservation and restoration, (2) the effectiveness and efficiency of mitigating climate change through forest conservation, (3) adaptive land conservation and restoration methods that account for climate change and the uncertainty inherent in climate projections.

The workshop, which featured three keynote addresses, a policy panel on the state of climate research today, and 14 research presentations, was funded by USDA-ERS, the Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association, the Institute for Sustainable Solutions at Portland State, and the Goldfarb Center, the Environmental Studies Program, and Economics Department at Colby College. Dissanayake said, “the best part of the conference was having presenters from five continents and also our own George Voigt (Colby Class of 2017) present his senior thesis.” Dissanayake will be co-editing a special issue of Agricultural and Resource Economics Review from the papers presented at the workshop. More information about the workshop and the workshop program is available online.

Mike Boening

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