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The Global Reaction to Trump's Climate-Change Decision

The Trump administration’s reported announcement that it is withdrawing from the Paris climate change agreement has prompted nations and world leaders to reiterate their commitment to the global pact. Signed in 2015 during the Obama administration, the Paris Agreement is an unprecedented global climate deal that aims to contain greenhouse gas emissions and protect the world against global warming. Only two countries—Nicaragua and Syria—declined to sign the agreement in 2015.

At the G7 Summit last week in Italy, many world leaders encouraged President Trump to remain a member of the pact, with foreign diplomats reportedly holding conversations with members of the Trump administration in hopes of getting the president to change his mind. On Wednesday morning, the United Nations reiterated this plea, tweeting a quote from its Secretary General, António Guterres: “Climate action is undeniable. Climate change is unstoppable. Climate solutions provide opportunities that are unmatchable.” Even Pope Francis hinted at his desire for the U.S. to remain part of the agreement when he handed Trump a signed copy of his work chronicling the need to combat human-driven climate change during Trump’s visit to the Vatican.

Gage Skidmore

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