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Fighting famine in Africa and Middle East starves terrorism

Famine−ravaged countries in Africa and the Middle East will breed and spread terrorism if the world can’t help feed their people and give them hope, says Canada’s international development minister.

Canadians may want to do the compassionate thing and help ease the suffering of 20 million people in four countries — Nigeria, South Sudan, Yemen and Somalia, Marie−Claude Bibeau says.

But if altruism isn’t a good enough motivator, then cold, hard, national security interests are another good reason, she says. Bibeau offered that analysis in an interview as she launched the government’s matching fund for famine relief in those four countries.

"We have to contribute to do our part in these countries because, yes, we are generous and we want to do that to help the most vulnerable." she said. "But there is an issue of global security also."


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