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Uganda: Volcanic rock stoves cook food and protect forests

Cooks at a community kitchen in Kampala's Nakasero Hill business district are preparing a traditional breakfast of green bananas in offal sauce using a very untraditional means of cooking - volcanic rocks.

It's a method that some are hoping will take off across Africa, to help protect forests and improve the lives of women.

"Rocks for fuel is a reprieve to all women in Africa," said Susan Bamugamire, one of the 55 cooks in the community kitchen set up by city authorities in the Wandegeya Market shopping mall to help feed local workers.

"Save for the high cost of purchasing and installing it, the special cookstove is something every woman will crave to have in her kitchen," she said, saying it would largely free women from having to seek out firewood, charcoal or kerosene.


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