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How Companies in South Africa Can Address Smart Waste Management in the Face of Drought

The reality of the worst drought since 1940s peaking in parts of Africa is threatening many economies on the continent.

Millions of people are facing the peak effect of severe drought that hit parts of the continent resulting in famine. The situation is being exacerbated by the effects of climate change.

These are some of the issues being raised at World Economic Forum on Africa that began in Durban on Wednesday. Now South Africa's Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa says the continent's leaders would have to embrace new technologies to address the drought situation which is not only threatening economic growth but livelihoods are also in jeopardy.

Speaking to SAnews on the side-lines of the Durban meeting, Minister Molewa said strong discussions were being held to discuss solutions to the economic and social challenges that have been brought about by the drought crisis.

"Drought doesn't affect only communities, it affects businesses as well, the session that I attended this morning was on climate change. The good thing about the WEF meeting is that it takes out whatever that has been agreed before on the issue of climate change, and work out its implementation mechanism.


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