UAE Bans Some Jordanian Vegetables Over Pesticides

The United Arab Emirates’ ban on imports of some Jordanian vegetables is precautionary and will be implemented if exporters sent produce that does not meet mutual agreements, the UAE Ambassador to Jordan Bilal Al Budoor said on Tuesday.

“The UAE is taking precautionary measures in the import of vegetables. It demands commitment to the standards and the signed agreements governing the matter to elevate the quality of imports and eliminate pathogens such as bacteria and pesticides residues,” Budoor said in a statement to The Jordan Times.

The ministry of climate change and environment in the UAE had announced a decision to ban the import of seven of Jordan’s main vegetable exports as of mid-May.

The ban was put in place due to increasing levels of chemical pesticide residues in Jordan’s agricultural products. The vegetables reportedly banned include all types of zucchini, sweet pepper, eggplant, cabbage, green beans, cauliflower and lettuce.

Thanasis Geo


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