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New Cassava Variety to Lift West Nile Farmers from Poverty

A farmer, Lillian Likico started growing cassava 30 years ago. To date, she remains one of the revered cassava growers in West Nile with vast experience.

But Likico says she has been growing bitter cassava mainly for home consumption for food (Enyasa).

She was constrained from growing the sweet cassava due to the limited access to stems and the shortage of land to grow it for commercial purpose.

"Cassava is our staple food here but I have been growing it for home consumption. When NARO selected me as one of the farmers for trials for the new variety of sweet cassava, I offered land."

Cassava grows well in areas that receive just 400 mm of average annual rainfall. But much higher yields can be obtained with higher levels of water supply though irrigation technology that has remained rare here.

Tamara Leigh/IFRC-Climate Centre

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