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Opinion: Prioritize Irrigation in Ghana's Agricultural Mechanization

The agric sector remains one of the pillars of Ghana’s economy. More than 60% of the workforce is engage in agriculture. Government since 2007 had begun providing support in the form of subsidised tractor and fertilizer services to farmers. However, farming in Ghana still faces a mirage of challenges. One of the challenges that need greater and immediate attention from stakeholders is irrigation. Farmers in northern Ghana are hard hit because the rains have delayed. The farmers are in a state of despair and are only hoping that God will give them rain. Smallholder farmers in Burkina Faso uses drip irrigation which is finance by the Germany bank. Burkina Faso unlike Ghana has large portion of her land being desert. Yet, Burkinabes are able to feed themselves and export vegetables. Why is Ghana importing food when there are enough arable lands that support the cultivation of many crops?

Arne Hoel / World Bank

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