Biogas Offers Mixed Energy Results for Rural Zimbabweans

Irene Moyo, a cook at Phangani Vocational Training Centre, no longer wakes up at dawn to prepare breakfast for the students.

Until the institution installed a manure-fed biogas digester three years ago, the mother of five spent two hours a day collecting firewood in the nearby mountains to meet the school’s heating and cooking needs.

“It was very exhausting ... because of the distance to the mountain, chopping firewood and pushing the wheelbarrow,” said 43 year-old Moyo, who works in Matabeleland South province in southwestern Zimbabwe.

"It became much tougher when it was wet, as firewood produced a lot of smoke which affected my eyes,” she said.

The biogas stove lights instantly and is quicker at boiling sugar beans, eggs, sorghum porridge and tea for the 200 students. She no longer worries about making the lunch hour and dinner schedule.

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