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Museveni Warns Against Encroaching on Wetlands, Failing to Maintain Crops

President Yoweri Museveni has strongly warned that whoever has planted eucalyptus trees in wetlands must have those trees removed forthwith. He also added that even those people who open fishponds in the middle of swamps should stop.

“Wetlands are water reservoirs. They must be conserved. Any encroachment on wetlands is disastrous. If wetlands are drained, where shall farmers access water for irrigation? How can one light fire in a granary?” he queried.

President Museveni was today addressing a congregation of Christians who attended this year’s Easter Sunday church service at St. Matthew Cathedral, Kyamate in Ntungamo district Ankole Sub-Region.

The President who was accompanied by the First Lady and Minister of Education and the Sports, Hon. Janet Museveni and a special guest from Tanzania, Dr. Anna Tibeijuka, also lashed out at beneficiaries of the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Programme, who receive seedlings but let them wither after planting on the pretext of having been hit by what they claim to be ‘short or long’ drought season. He noted that such trend of affairs among the people portrays nothing but laziness.

Russell Watkins/Department For International Development

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