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Solar Concentrator Takes Fuel Pressure Off Kenya's Forests

A renewable energy company is banking on solar technology to address the twin challenges of climate change and deforestation in western Kenya.

Solar Fire Concentration company, in partnership with World Vision and Wärtsilä, a global leader in advanced technologies and complete life-cycle solutions for marine and energy markets, is using its pioneer GoSol product to harvest the sun’s energy before cheaply and efficiently turning it into heat.

GoSol can generate up to 6kW of energy for six hours in moderate weather, and has been under development for 15 years.

Chief executive officer Eva Wissenz says the technology uses locally available materials, such as steel and mirrors, to concentrate sunlight onto a single point, creating enormous heat (up to 300°C). “The technology is simple, efficient and its maintenance easy,” says Wissenz. “It’s the beginning of a big change in renewable energy for small and medium enterprises.”

J Brew

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