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Estimates of Vast Irrigable Land This Year in Zimbabwe

Estimates from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) show that the country has a potential to irrigate at least 150 000 hectares of land this year.

Estimates of land under irrigation from ZINWA dams show that the country can irrigate up to 80 000 hectares of land and there is potential to develop about 70 000 hectares of land into irrigable land.

From the statistics provided by ZINWA, the drought prone Masvingo district has the potential to irrigate at least 73 000 hectares, while Manicaland can irrigate up to 23 000 hectares.

"One of the major purposes of the dams around the country is irrigation. Agriculture remains one of the major water users and with the introduction of Command Agriculture, ZINWA expects a surge in the demand for irrigation water in the coming water year which commenced on April 1, 2017.

Joe McKenna

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