Zimbabwean Farmers Benefit from Rains but Suffer from Pests

After plenty of rain, Isaac Siziba's maize fields looked set for a bumper harvest this season, similar to the one he gathered in 2014, before Zimbabwe suffered a long and punishing drought.

But last month army worms invaded Siziba's 4-hectare farm in Gwanda District and munched through his maize. Now he expects just a fifth of the harvest he had counted on.

"We were happy with the good rains this year, which means a bumper crop, but I am not sure anymore because of the worm," said the 49-year old farmer, pointing to holes gnawed in the leaves of his tassled maize plants.

"I am disappointed," he admitted. "The pest is eating everything."

Struggling farmers in Zimbabwe had been hopeful of finally getting a good harvest this month, following the first heavy rains in nearly three years.


AgriLife Today/Adam Russell


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