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Two Solar Plants on the Cards in Burkina Faso

A grant for a feasibility study for two 17MW solar photovoltaic plants near the villages of Pá and Kodéni in Burkina Faso. The solar plants are being developed by BioTherm Energy, a South African renewable energy company.

“For Burkina Faso, this presents the chance to bring much needed power to one of the most under-developed electricity sectors in Africa,” said Enoh Ebong, acting director, US Trade & Development Foundation (USTDA) at the Powering Africa summit in Washington DC.

Several of USTDA’s other project and funding successes over the last 12 months in countries such as Tanzania and Nigeria were also touched upon; “since the launch of Power Africa, USTDA has increased its energy portfolio by over 800%.” Over 100 speakers participated in panel discussions, presentations and roundtables focusing on topics such as gender diversity in the energy sector, US-Africa partnerships for growth and trade, energy economics for gas independent power projects (IPPs) and an update on recent renewable energy successes across Africa.

Alex Snyder/Wayne National Forest

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