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Cameroon's Green Girls Project Teaches Turning Waste into Biogas

At a school in Cameroon’s largest city Douala, students learn how waste can be turned into a renewable source of energy.

The lessons are run by The Green Girls Project, a non-governmental organization in Cameroon that trains young women in technology.

The project’s founder and CEO, Monique Ntumngia says the idea came from a need to help students in areas without electricity keep up with their studies.

“When I was in Kano, in Nigeria and I was a program officer in charge of gender human rights. So we were sharing didactic materials, empowering girls in this community in Kano on how to go to school and the benefits of education and one of the girls approaches me and asked me, ‘madam, we don’t have light so how do we use all these books and all these educational tools you are given us’. And then it hit me that there was a real need for light. So I diverted my attention and I decided to focus on promoting sustainable development in Africa with the help of renewable energy,” said Monique.

By turning waste into biogas – the project is tackling pollution and providing cheap, renewable energy solutions in many parts of the country.

Phil Hilfiker

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