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Tanzania Launches Project to Reduce Competition Between Wildlife and Livestock

Tanzania has launched a giant water project aimed at reducing competition between livestock and wildlife over few water sources available in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA)-UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Freddy Manongi, NCAA chief conservator, said on Saturday that the project, which will involve the construction of two major dams outside the world's largest unbroken caldera, will be a big relief to the sanctuary, and people living in the area located 169 km from the Tanzania's northern safari capital of Arusha.

"This will give us (conservators) enough time to concentrate on the conservation of the sanctuary, compared to the current situation, whereby we're overwhelmed with the increasing number of livestock, which get into the Ngorongoro Crater as they look for water," the official said.

As a result of climate change, the official said: "Water has reduced in the crater. So, bringing in livestock adds unnecessary inconveniences to the wildlife living in the area."

Jeremy Vandel

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