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Malawi Paramount Lundu Fires Four Group Village Headmen for Deforestation

Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa District has fired four of his Group Village Headmen (GVH) for allegedly being in the forefront of cutting down trees.

The revelation was made on Friday by the chief during a tree planting exercise at Sekeni Primary School organized by the Agricultural Trading Company (ATC) Limited - a subsidiary of the Agricultural Holdings Limited (AHL) Group.

Lundu said he fired the four GVH for being in the forefront of cutting down trees and misconduct. The sacked group village heads include; Masache, Tsabeta and Mphampha.

"I will not tolerate any chief found carelessly cutting down trees in my area and if that happens you will be punished. Why should we hide behind such people who are enemies of development? Let me be clear here that I will continue to be tough on any traditional leader found sabotaging government development agenda," said Lundu.

Peter Steward

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