Changing Conditions Prompts Diversification From Cotton

Climate change and Global warming have changed weather patterns in the country, the changes have prompted Bura irrigation scheme explore different plant options from the original cotton.

The scheme suffers a big challenge of inadequate water despite getting its supply of water from the biggest river in Kenya, Tana River.

Just like any other mass of fresh water, the river has been associated with ever reduction of water propelled by the universal global warming effect and the increased drought in the area the scheme is located.

Tana river supplies 80 per cent of Nairobi’s water needs, and accounts for 70 per cent of Kenya’s hydroelectric power generation and 38 per cent of the country’s power supply apart from serving other communities living along the river.

The river basin has fertile highlands for food production and cash crop farming in the upper region, while the downstream region along the Tana Delta offers vast opportunities for irrigation which prompted establishment of Bura irrigation scheme.

Steve Snodgrass


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