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Google to go Green in 2017

Google announced that it will run completely on renewable energy by the year 2017. The international tech giant made this statement in an official blog post this week. According to this blog post, all of the Google offices as well as data centers will run on renewable energy. Such a decision would enable a major change in the energy consumption of the world as Google is a humongous company with widespread operating offices.

By replacing the sources of energy of all these workplaces, the harm caused to the atmosphere due to traditional sources of energy can also be avoided.

Studies show that the offices of Google consume as much energy as the city of San Francisco in the U.S. This means that a tremendous amount of energy is being consumed by a single company which is fatal for the environment and also the sources of energy.

It is practically inconvenient to set up a solar plant or wind farm with a direct connection to Google offices. Keeping this in mind, the company is purchasing renewable energy from various sources. Moreover, the company has already signed deals with a number of companies which are renewable energy suppliers. These companies will then invest in new infrastructure to provide Google with eco-friendly energy in place of fossil fuels.

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