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Kenya Becoming a Geothermal Superpower

Kenya is a global superpower of the flower trade, and Oserian, one of the largest fair-trade flower farms in the country, is a major reason why.

The company's 200-hectare site on Lake Naivasha produces 700,000 flowers each day, which are exported across the world.

Oserian is also leading change in the country's energy sector, by running its operation largely on geothermal power. The company pipes steam from the ground to heat a water recirculation system that maintains its mighty greenhouses.

"Before we had the geothermal power we had to have a lot of backup generators and we were using a lot of diesel," says Alasdair Keith, Engineering Manager of the Oserian Development Company. "Our electrical savings are probably $750,000 a year compared to before."

NASA Johnson

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