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Bridging the Gap of Renewables in Africa

The provision of clean electricity is crucial to Africa’s continued economic growth and prosperity. Currently, though, there is a gap between the necessary electric utility infrastructure and the scale of our ambitions as a continent.

As a continent we will need to spend at least 6%of our GDP in energy over the next 10 years if we want to sustain our economic growth. How do we bridge the gap ahead of us?

Nepad has the mandate to drive and accelerate the execution of pivotal energy projects for the continent. The African Power Vision (APV), aligned with the Africa 2063 Agenda, is a long-term plan to increase access to affordable energy using a diversity of resources. APV aims to achieve an 80% residential electrification rate by 2040 and 90% for industry and business. The ‘how’ relies on a combination of off-grid solutions and a focus on cleaner sources in line with global standards. This plan depends on the critical role of technical skills development and our ability to provide a continental framework.

Regional integration will, indeed, help us scale up energy delivery efficiently. Nepad also contributes to the implementation of the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative and to the Sustainable Energy for ALL (SE4ALL) launched in 2011. We build bridges between national project owners and developers/financers, working towards bankability and financial close.

David Goehring

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