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Computer Models Reveal Which Crops Have Adapted to Drought in Distant Past

Many of the world's bright and innovative thinkers are spending their days trying to come up with solutions to climate change. Researchers and engineers are looking for ways to slow it as well as how to respond to the challenges that will come with it like drought, crop shortages, loss of coastline, population changes and more.

What we fail to remember sometimes though is that human beings have dealt with climate change before. Ancient civilizations had to cope with extreme weather, drought and other environmental challenges. What can we learn from the way they lived to help us in the future?

Researchers at Washington State University have built computer models to allow us to look at how ancient humans responded to climate change -- where they were successful and where they failed.

"For every environmental calamity you can think of, there was very likely some society in human history that had to deal with it," said Tim Kohler, emeritus professor of anthropology at WSU. "Computational modeling gives us an unprecedented ability to identify what worked for these people and what didn't."

Alan English CPA

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