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Farmers in Rwanda Benefiting from Using Lakes for Irrigation

Farmers in Bugesera District have, over the years, been adversely affected by climate change, especially drought, which withers their crops before or soon after flowering.

Yet the farmers as well as local officials and agriculture experts contend that the district has a number of lakes that could be efficiently utilised for irrigation to cushion farmers from the biting drought and increase their yield.

Bugesera is endowed with nine lakes, covering an estimated surface area of 10,635 hectares, the biggest of which are Rweru and Cyohoha on top of large swathes of land covered by the Nyabarongo Marshland.

There is now good news for the district’s agriculture prospects, at least going by some 11,495 farmers who have been empowered to be resilient against climate change so as to overcome food shortages.

Green Fund Rwanda

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