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Zimbabwean Businesses Cutting Down on Water Pollution

Polluting Zimbabwean businesses have made some progress in cutting down water pollution since authorities threatened to shut down companies that failed to do so in 2014. This is according to Aaron Chigona, a director with the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

On the whole, the challenge of pollution, in all its major forms --land, water, air and noise -- is far from over, he said. The discharge of harmful waste into water systems by companies in mining, manufacturing, oil and food, including raw sewage discharge by municipalities, remains a major headache for Zimbabwe, a country already facing severe water shortages due to recurrent droughts linked to climate change.

Polluted water cost more to make it safe for human consumption. This is one of the key reasons why Harare has for the past 15 years struggled to supply its residents with clean water reliably, leading to sporadic outbreaks of water-related diseases such as typhoid.

Harvey Barrison

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