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Following Songwe Agreement, Malawi and Tanzania Agree on Irrigation Schemes

Tanzania and Malawi are expecting to implement a joint 180 megawatt electricity project that will enable each country to produce 90 megawatts, Malawi24 understands.

The two countries also expect to implement another joint project on irrigation where a total of 600 hectares will be developed, with 3000 farms in each country.

The implementation of the projects follow agreement over development for Songwe River Basin Development Programme (SRBDP), signed by the Tanzanian Minister for Water and Irrigation Engineer Gerson Lwenge and Malawian Minister for Agriculture, Irrigation, and Water Development Dr George Chaponda.

They signed the agreement in Mbeya during a special ministerial meeting by the two countries and some of the projects to be implemented will include dam construction, tree planting, and irrigation schemes.

David Davies

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