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Seed Selection and Storage Among Ways Kenya's Farmers are Overcoming Drought

The journey from Kitui town to Mutomo is full of surprises; If it’s not the bumpy road, it is the generosity exhibited by the inhabitants-occasionally punctuated by the ‘singing acacia trees’ that dot the 80 kilometres stretch.

But what is not generous in this village of Mutalani is the vagaries of weather. Mutalani is one of the villages of Mutomo Sub County on the brink of starvation and in a situation that requires immediate action.

“When I was about 15 years of age, the harvest from maize, sorghum and millet was in plenty. After it rained, the soil would hold water to aid in seed germination and support the plants until harvesting period” recalled Anne Mukui Musya through a translator, his son Kisilu Musya.

Mukui,70-year-old farmer from Mutalani says that recent changes in weather patterns only means ‘that the world is ending and might not be here in 20 years to come’.

Fintrac Inc/USAID

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