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Africa's Food Market Could be Worth $1tn in 15 Years

Around the world, farmers can attest to the devastating impact that climate change is having on agriculture. Whether they’re in the US, Vietnam or South Africa, heat waves, droughts or heavy rains are disrupting water supplies, ruining harvests and affecting food availability and prices.

We can only imagine what will happen to our agriculture and food systems if the earth’s temperature increases by 2-4°C. The prospect threatens to reverse gains in food security and economic growth. It threatens our ability to feed 9 billion people by 2050. And it will remove all chance of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of eradicating poverty.

Addressing this challenge is a priority for world leaders meeting this week in Marrakech for the United Nations climate change conference. We therefore welcome the Moroccan Government’s Adaption of African Agriculture initiative (AAA) to help build the resilience of the continent’s agriculture.

Hernán Piñera

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