Namibian Farmers' Hopes are on Rain

As Namibian farmers pin their hopes on a good rainy season, the harsh reality on the ground is that the drought has reached its most critical stage countrywide and government has to supply 895 839 people with food.

This up from 415 900 in 2014/15. With no guarantees of an above average rainy season, the focus remains on climate change and the possibility of more severe droughts in the future. These warnings echoed through conference halls such as at the historic Africa Drought Conference in Windhoek, and the 70th annual congress of the Namibian Agricultural Union (NAU) about a month ago.

One of the many leaders who have been hoping that these warnings are not hollow but that Namibians and all Africans take the lessons from these various conferences seriously and apply them to the letter in the new year, is Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Ndandi-Ndaitwah.

She is concerned about increasing food security in many parts of Africa due to climate change, including Namibia that is prone to severe droughts and even floods in the years to come.

John Hogg/World Bank


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