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$5 Solar Light Launched

UK charity SolarAid and solar panel manufacturer Yingli Solar just launched “the world’s most affordable solar light.” Sold by SolarAid’s social enterprise SunnyMoney in Africa, the SM100 solar light costs only $5. People in the UK can buy one of the lights for 10 pounds, and the money will help distribute two more solar lights in African countries.​

The SM100 is designed for off-grid use by African families and children working on homework at night. The light is “two times brighter than kerosene” according to SolarAid, and the light’s battery provides five hours of illumination. The SM100 is equipped with an adjustable stand that can be removed or be used to hang up the light. In the UK, the SolarAid is marketing the lamps for campers or festival goers, suggesting users add a strap and wear it as a headlamp.

Rishi Bandopadhay

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